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Post Prodiction (Color grading and Correction)


Post production is one of the core services that iCon studio provides the companies in the Middle East, including Dubai, Egypt,and Kuwait, the USA, the UK, Russia.

For 20 years we have been conducting editing, color correction and grading of short and long projects, branded content and TV programs.

Best editing platforms and color grading software and plugins help us to express stories of our clients via all the platforms.

What are post-production services?

Editing and montage services are an arrangement of visual and audio material to create the consequence of meaningful story. It is the hardest part of video production because of its time consuming and requires creative facets.

VFX services are aimed at making amendments that are not possible to be done during film production (link) stage. VFX make the project eye-catching. They may range from cleaning up to muzzle flashes. It’s necessary to have talent and experience to create them.

Color grading and color correction services fix the problems and improve the image. They create the whole atmosphere of the video. Color grading and color correction can include equalizing the tint, brightness, contrast and saturation of a video image, adjustment of brightness, (grays, highlights, blacks). They can be implemented for the whole image or some parts separately.

We make your stories alive

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We provide post-production services in the Middle East, including Dubai, Egypt, and Kuwait, the USA the USA, the UK, Russia and many others.