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Getting to Know Our Pre-Production Services

iConStudio© brings your ideas to life by developing a production plan that matches your exceptional creation. Our brilliant team of experts handle your ideas through all the stages of preproduction bearing in mind its unique requirements. Our long experience allows us to keep your production on schedule, on budget and always innovative until you see it on the screen.


Video pre-production covers all the planning and execution stages that come before the camera starts rolling. The role of our team starts with the script all the way through to budgeting, crew and location selection, and logistics planning to realize the goals of the project creator. As a highly experienced team, we are always capable of being flexible in addressing all the possible needs and concerns and adjusting the particulars before the production process gets underway.

With iConStudio’s professional team, you’ll never encounter any unpleasant surprises that can affect the quality of your project.

Shorter Production Time
Reduced Costs
Higher Quality

Providing animation design and production service for over 24 year to clients worldwide.

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