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About us


Dr. Ashraf Ahmed

iCon Studio| Animation, Video Production, Post Production in the Middle East, North Africa, America, Europre, and Asia

iCon Studio is a Egyptian animation, video production and post production company that provides its services in the Middle East, North Africa, the USA, the UK , Latin America, India, Russia. Founded in 1998 as an animation studio, iCon Studio has grown into a visual communications agency that works on one-stop project in various fields. iConStudio specializes in high-quality video production (2D and 3D animation, film production, television commercials, web commercials), post-production (editing, color grading, sound design and VFX) and corporate identity (channel branding, exhibition booths design). The latest technology in graphic design,talented imaginative minds and 20 years of experience help us to produce the content that is effective for corporate communications of the companies.
Name: iCon Studio
Established: 1998
Business Area & main product: Channel Branding, 2D, 3D Animation, set designs, Documentary Films and TV. Commercials

iCon studio founded 1998 and rose from the merge of Egypt’s finest creative & technical minds

Mission Statement
Creation Team is dedicated to develop Below The Line advertising activities in Egypt by quick affordable service, which is the corner stone of our success.

Hands on promotion of short term sales keeping an eye on maintaining the increase of the brand sales volume.

Why we are different ?
We are BRANDS SUPPORTER! We are THE BUSINESS PARTNER of our valued clients to maintain their success! We provide full services through our team of 25 professionals. Our continued successful projects have given us strong reputation for being a leading agency and have attracted many clients. Many people write their slogans "we can work under pressure" But just slogans shiny without real support we ICON studio can be certain that we act like were in a fight sites.